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Internet Explorer Tips

Backing up/Exporting your Favorites, Feeds and Cookies
Have you ever needed to backup or export your Favorites, Feeds or Cookies from Internet ExplorerThis is kind of a hidden built-in feature in the application that is not too obvious unless you know where to find itfollow the instructions below:
  • Press the ALT key to access the File menu, and choose Import and export...
  • Select Export to a file" press the Next button.
  • Choose what you want to backup (e.g. Favorites, Feeds, and Cookies) press the Next button.
  • Follow the prompts to export the data to a file(s).
You can import this file back into I.E. or Firefox, or browse it like a web page and click on the links.

Alphabetize your Favorites
Want to find your Internet Shortcuts more easily in the Favorites menu? A little known feature of Internet Explorer allows you alphabetize them:
  • Open the Favorites menu (the star in the upper right corner) in I.E. 
  • Right-click any Internet shortcut, and choose Sort by name from the pop-up menu that appears.

Setting Multiple Home Pages
Since Internet Explorer 7 you have been able to open multiple pages in different tabs when the program launches. For example, if you want Bing and Google to open when you launch I.E., open Bing in one tab and Google in another. 
  • Open a up a different web page in a new tab that you want to open automatically Internet Explorer is launched.
  • From the Settings menu select Internet Options, and press the Use Current button in the Home page section of the dialog.
  • Press the OK button.

Delete Any AutoComplete Items
Internet Explorer's AutoComplete feature allows you to quickly re-enter common information that was previously entered into fields on a Web form. Sometime you may want to remove information from this feature because it incorrect (e.g. old or wrong information) or you may not want others to see it. From the field use the keyboard down arrow to highlight the item and then press the Del key to remove it.

Run IE without Add-Ons
To check if Internet Explorer is having a problem that is being caused by an add-on. From the search field under Start menu type: "iexplore.exe -extoff".

If the problem disappears, from the Tools menu (the gear icon in the upper right) select Manage Add-ons, under Add-ons Types, you can enable or disable toolbars and extensions until your find the one that is causing the problem.

Reset Settings
Internet Explorer can be difficult to troubleshoot, partly because of the many settings and modifications that can be made to it. There's a way to undo most of these changes and roll I.E. back to its original "factory" configuration.

Microsoft includes a feature called "Reset Internet Explorer Settings", to utilize it follow the instructions below:

Warning: This feature can't be undone, use it at your own risk.
Note: This operation can also be performed from the Internet Options control panel.

  • Close all instances of Internet Explorer except one.
  • Open the Tools menu, and select Internet Options.
  • Click the Advanced tab, and press the Reset... button.
  • Only check the Delete personal settings checkbox if you want it to reset personal features.
  • Press the OK button, and it might take a few minutes to completed.
The next time you launch I.E. it should be restored back to the factory defaults. For more information on this feature on what is and what is not effected check out this video from Microsoft.

Starting in InPrivate Mode
You can start Internet Explorer in the InPrivate mode which doesn't save your personal information (such as: browser history and cache files for personal privacy reasons). Follow the steps below to create a shortcut that enables this feature when you launch its icon:
  • Right-click an empty space on the desktop and click New, then select Shortcut.
  • Type the following information into the Location field when wizard displays: "%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -private
  • Press the Next button, give the shortcut a name (for example "IE InPrivate Mode").
  • Press the Finish button when done.

Internet Explorer Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts
With every version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft seems to beef up its selection of keyboard shortcuts.

Some of the shortcuts are new for this version of I.E., others have been around for a while (but aren’t widely used), and some are classics that every user should be aware of.

See the full list of shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9.