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An American Manifesto

For the last few decades we as Americans have stood on the achievements of our predecessors,while not continuing to innovate and progress as we once have. Other countries are passing us by economically, industrially, technologically, and educationally.

We are slowly robbing our children of a future that was given to us by our ancestors. We are leaving them economic, environmental and social problems that can take them decades to repair.To the current generation, I plead that we change our ways and stop living for the moment, stop creating new debt, and destroying the environment. I plead that we start living for the future of our children and their children, and investing in their education.

To the next generation, learn from our mistakes as what not to do. Do things better than us, educate yourself, learn moderation, be self-controlled, use discipline, use your creativity to innovate, and respect life and the environment. Also relationships are not a disposable commodity.

I apologize for the mess that we have left you, the greed that we have lived by, and damage we have done. Although, with all the bad we have left you, we also leave you tools and knowledge to change your future for the better.

Don’t continue down the corrupt paths that we have chosen. Never give up on tomorrow; the only acceptable excuse for failure is dying while trying to change your world for the better. We are all one people, under one flag, from many nationalities, cultures, and religions. We all need to be unified as Americans, because united we will stand and divided we will fail.

What has always made this country great is our innovation. We need to teach our children wonders of the known and unknown. That they should aspire to be better than previous generations and that the status quo is never acceptable.