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Netflix Alternatives (Streaming Movie Sites)

Like many people, I have ditched my TV several years ago and get most of my video entertainment from sites like Hulu and Netflix. I have been a huge fan of Netflix for years, I thought they provided a great deal for what you got. Although, after their rate hikes in 2011, I have been contemplating alternatives to their service.

It is worth noting that most of these services are not subscription based like Netflix, they're fee based so you pay for every movie you watch. This is great for people who only watch movies once in a while, but if you like to watch a lot of streaming movies or TV shows this can get expensive.

The service offerings of these websites change all the time by adding new features, services and prices so the list of providers below are only pointers.

If you're new to these services, be aware that some ISPs like Comcast and many others have bandwidth caps on their services. So if you're streaming a lot of HD movies be careful to try not to exceed these network caps.


Below is a list of websites that offer on-demand streaming services:

 Other media alternatives