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Green Housing

Currently my favorite design for building green housing is called the Earthship. Its one of the greenest methods of building a home that I am aware of.

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Description: An Earthship is a type of passive solar house made of natural and recycled materials. Designed and marketed by Earthship Biotecture of Taos, New Mexico, the homes are primarily constructed to work autonomously and are generally made of earth-filled tires, using thermal mass construction to naturally regulate indoor temperature. They also usually have their own special natural ventilation system. Earthships are generally Off-the-grid homes, minimizing their reliance on public utilities and fossil fuels. Earthships are built to utilize the available local resources, especially energy from the Sun. For example, windows on sun-facing walls admit lighting and heating, and the buildings are often horseshoe-shaped to maximize natural light and solar-gain during winter months. The thick, dense inner walls provide thermal mass that naturally regulates the interior temperature during both cold and hot outside temperatures. (excerpt from: Wikipedia)

Earthship Design Principles
  • Electricity: from sun and wind.
  • Water: from rain and snow.
  • Sewage:sanitary treatment.
  • Heating and Cooling: from the sun and the earth.
  • Food: grow inside and outside.

A Brief Introduction to the Earthship Ideas