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Power from Waste

Have you ever thought about how waste from humans and industrial farming animals (e.g. cows, chickens, etc.) pollutes the environment.  Below are some basic ideas on how people are converting waste to other products, such as a cleaner burning coal alternative, methane power conversion, organic feed and fertilizer, and bio-fuels.

Waste to Coal Alternative
Video Description: Dean Kamen visits a power plant that is taking human excrement and turning it in to a burnable fuel supply with 66% more power per ounce than coal! The manufacturing process takes a day as opposed to centuries.

Cow Waste Generates Electricity
Video Description: Methane is one of the strongest sources of energy on the planet and cows are the largest producers of methane. Take a look with Dean Kamen at how one Vermont farm is using cow waste to not only power their farm, but 400 other community homes!

Organic Waste Recycling using Fly Larvae
Video Description: Using basic concepts initially developed for the Russian space program "Trip to Mars", EcoSpace has developed, perfected and industrialized a method of converting animal waste into nutrient rich organic fertilizer and protein rich animal feed in just 4 days without the use of chemical additives and absolutely no residue or pollutants.

Algae Bio-Fuel from Waste
Video Description: Bio-fuel from Algae grown in settling ponds at Christchurch Municipal sewage works.

Note: I am not personally endorsing any of the products, people, companies or technologies discussed on this page, it is only provided as a reference.