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Drying out Soaked Electronic Gadgets

Did you accidentally drop your favorite electronic gadget (iPhone, iPod, cellphone, camera, etc) into water or other liquid.  Below are some steps you can take to try to recover the device:
  • Rule #1, turn it off quickly and DON'T turn it on to test it.
  • Rule #2, remove the battery if you can.
  • Rule #3, remove as much excess water or liquid as you can.
    • Consider using a blow dryer to help dry the device
After you removed the water from the device, with the device turned off put it into a closed Tupperware container of uncooked rice or a bag with those silica gel packets.  The rice or the silica gel packets will help absorb the moisture.  You might have to leave the device in these containers for a few days.

There is no guarantee with this tip, but its like knowing CPR its a trick of last resort.  If its works you're better off then the alternative.

Its also worth noting, that the survivability of the electronic device goes down depending on the liquid and how long it was submerged.  For example, tap water might have a higher recovery rate then lake water.

Tip: Pure grades of isopropyl alcohol (which can be purchased at most drug stores and markets), is great for cleaning electronics and getting rid of the mineral deposits that unclean water tends to leave.