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Top Maker Ideas for 2011

Below are some suggestions for easy projects that you can make with your computer or other materials that you may have round your house.  Others are useful gadgets that you can acquire to help make your life easier:
  • Credit Card Calendar
    • This is the best credit card sized calendar available in my opinion.
  • PocketMod (The Paper PDA)
    • A cool way to organize yourself using A folded up piece of paper.
  • Headphone De-tangler
    • Are your headphones getting tangled and knotted, this cable de-tangler can help.
      • Note: If you can find some strong cardboard its really good for prototyping different designs.
    • A more sophisticated option is called Owl Wrap by eagleapex.
  • Universal Discount/Membership Card
    • Tired of carrying all those little key fobs or cards with bar codes that are used by stores and other organizations for discounts, membership, etc. A site called "Just One Club Card" allows you to create one card that can have up to eight bar codes printed on it (front and back). 
      • I do need to note the submit button is deceptive and site is covered with ads but it does work.
      • As soon as I find a better replacement for this site I will update this.
  • An Easy DIY Camera Stabilizer
    • Reduce or eliminate blurred photos or shaky videos with this simple and inexpensive trick.
  • Portable Tape Measure
    • Ikea gives away 39" (100cm) paper rulers that can be folded up and fits nicely into your wallet.  Its really handy to have when you need to measure something, and you don't have any other method available.
  • 11-Tools-in-1 Stainless Steel Credit Card Survival Tool
    • sells this tool and they're only a few dollars. I keep one of these in my wallet just to do very basic tasks.  I think calling it a "Survival Tool" is overkill, but it has come in handy every now and then.
  • Drying out soaked Electronic Gadgets
    • Did you accidentally drop your favorite electronic gadget (iPhone, iPod, cellphone, camera, etc) into water or other liquid.
Bonus Tip
  • How to Find True North Without a Compass
    • This is not really a maker tip, but its great information to have if you're lost.  Although it will only work if knowing which direction you're traveling will help you.