Video Games

The Video Game Age Begins
1962    SpaceWar one of the earliest computerized video games, was written on DEC PDP-1.  Written at MIT by Slug Russell, Shag Graetz, and Alan Kotok.
1966    Ralph Baer designed a ping-pong game for his Odyssey gaming console.
1971    Galaxy Game is the earliest known coin-operated computer or video game. (More Info)
1971    Computer Space, the first commercially sold coin operated arcade video game.  It failed because it was too hard to play.  It was based in SpaceWar. (More Info)
1972    Atari released Pong video arcade game, this game literally started video arcade industry. (More Info)
1972    Magnavox releases the Odyssey.
1975    Sears Sells the first Atari Pong systems under the label Tele-Games.
1976    Atari releases the Atari Pong.
1976    Coleco releases the Telstar.
1976    Fairchild Semiconductor releases the Channel F
1977    Coleco releases the Telstar Arcade.
1977    Atari releases the VCS (renamed VCS 2600).
1977    Nintendo releases the Color TV Game series
1977    Coleco releases Combat! a tank-themed console.
1977    Bally releases the Bally Professional Arcade (renamed Astrocade).

Trend: Game console manufactures switch to cartridge based systems

1977    Atari released Video Computer System game console, later renamed to Atari 2600.
1978    Space Invaders arcade video game was released. (More Info)
1978    Texas Instruments Inc. introduced Speak & Spell, a talking learning aid for ages 7 and up.
1978     Coleco releases the Telstar Gemeni
1978    Magnavox releases the Odyssey².
1979    Mattel releases the Intellivision.
1979    Milton Bradley releases the Microvision.
1979    The first Multi-User Domain (or Dungeon) also known as a MUD goes online.
1979    Asteroids arcade video game was released. (More Info)
1980    Missile Command: Arcade video game was released
1981    Pacman: Arcade video game was released
1981    Donkey Kong: Arcade video game was released
1982    Emerson releases the Arcadia 2001.
1982    Coleco releases the ColecoVision.
1982    Milton Bradley releases the Vectrex.
1982    Atari releases the 5200 SuperSystem.
1982    Coleco releases the Gemini (different from the Telstar Gemini).
1983    SuperSet Software created a text-mode networked computer game called Snipes that is officially credited for being the original inspiration for Novell NetWare.

History: 1983/1984 The North American video game crash was a massive recession of the video game industry that occurred until about 1985.

1985    Nintendo releases the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
1986    Sega releases the Master System.
1986    Atari releases the Atari 7800.
1987    Worlds of Wonder releases the Action Max.
1989    Nintendo releases the Game Boy.
1989    Sega releases Genesis (16-bit system).
1989    NEC releases the TurboGrafx-16.
1989    Atari releases the Lynx.
1989    Maxis released SimCity, a virtual city simulator
1990    SNK releases the Neo Geo.
1991    Nintendo releases the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)  (16-bit system).

Trend: Game console manufactures switch from cartridge based systems, to consoles that have optical drives.

1991    Philips releases the CD-i.
1992    NEC releases the TurboDuo.
1993    Atari releases the Atari Jaguar.
1993    Goldstar releases the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.
1993    id Software released Doom game
1995    Sega releases the Saturn.
1995    Nintendo releases the Virtual Boy.
1995    Sony releases the PlayStation.
1995    Sega releases the Nomad.
1995    Nintendo release the Virtual Boy a 3D gaming console.
1995    Bandai releases the Pippin.
1996    Nintendo releases the Nintendo 64.
1998    Dance Dance Revolution arcade video game was released (More Info)
1999    Sega releases the Dreamcast.

Trend: Game console manufactures start including network connectivity to allow for multi-player gaming and access to other content (e.g. games, audio, video, etc.).

2000    Sony releases the PlayStation 2.
2001    Microsoft releases the Xbox.
2001    Nintendo releases the Nintendo GameCube.
2005    Microsoft releases the Xbox 360.
2006    Sony releases the PlayStation 3, it's the first video game console with Blu-Ray player.
2006    Nintendo releases the Wii.
2010    Microsoft releases the Kinect. (More Info)
2011    Nintendo releases the 3DS.

History: Next generation of console are being released.

2012    Sony releases the PS Vita.
2012    Nintendo releases the Wii U.
2013    Sony announces the PlayStation 4

History of Video games (Video)