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Wilderness Survival

Water Purification TabletsLiving in the Pacific north west, and doing a lot of hiking and backpacking.  Learning wilderness survival is an natural extension of these hobbies.  Mostly knowing what to do in these situations can mean the difference between being found sooner then later, or even life and death. 

All hobbies have their dangers, but two things that can save you are: knowledge and being prepared.  I really like the following mnemonic for S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L:
  • Size up the situation, surroundings, physical condition, equipment
  • Use all your senses
  • Remember where you are
  • Vanquish fear and panic
  • Improvise and improve
  • Value living
  • Act like the natives
  • Live by your wits

Below are some articles on what to do in case you get lost or stranded in the wilderness: