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Using N11 Dialing Numbers

Everyone should know 911 which is emergency services, many people may still remember 411 which is directory services.  Personally I almost forgot about 411, I think its been more then a decade since I last used it.

These numbers are known as N11 (such as "N"-one-one), Wikipedia describes them as, "a special abbreviated dialing telephone number within the North American Numbering Plan, which allows access to special services."

Below is a list of available N11 numbers.  It is important to note, that some of these numbers and services may only be available in certain locations.
  • 211 - Community Services
    • Provides information about available health and human Services .
  • 311 - Government and Non-Emergency Information
    • Access non-emergency government services and information.
  • 411 - Directory Assistance (charges may apply)
    • Provides help finding a number for a person or business.
  • 511 - Traffic & Weather
    • Offers information about local road, traffic (and weather) conditions.
  • 611 - Customer Support
    • Connects you to your carrier or phone company customer service and repair
  • 711 - TDD Relay Service
    • TDD relay for the deaf
  • 811 - Underground Public Utility Location
    • Offers information to help locate underground cables before they get cut.
  • 911 - Emergency Services (i.e. medical, police, or fire)
    • Provides local emergency response service