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Google Search Shortcuts (Updated)

Google search shortcuts gives you access to specific information (e.g.: zip codes, currency, etc.), and features (e.g.: calculator, unit conversion, etc.)
  • Calculator: Enter a mathematics equation to be solved.
    • For example: "50*4="
    • Note: Has a new user interface to modify your request parameters.
  • Currency Conversion: Convert currency form one unit to another.
    • For example: "USD to CAD"
    • Note: Has a new user interface to modify your request parameters.
  • Dictionary: Provides a definition of a word or phrase.
  • Flight Information: Check the flight status of U.S. flights, enter the airline name or flight number.
    • For example: "aa 3"
  • Flight Schedule: Shows flight schedules to or from a particular destination.
  • Google Health: Provides information about common disease or symptom
  • Local Businesses: To view local businesses, type the location such as a city and category of the business that you're searching for.
  • Medication Information: Shows information about most generic and brand name prescription drugs in the U.S.
  • Movies: Find show times of movies playing in nearby theaters.
  • Music: Find information about artists, songs, albums and places to buy music.
  • Nutritional Information: Looking for the nutritional information on specific foods, now including fast food.
  • Package Tracking: Enter a tracking number for a UPS, Fedex or USPS package.
  • Phone Book: Lookup US street addresses and phone number.
    • Notes: Google used to have a personal phone number search, but they have abandoned this data.  If you want to find phone number information (such as reverse phone number lookup), several web sites provide can give you this data.
      • Just enter the person's name and any location data you may have, and Google will show you relevant sites.
      • If you want to do a reverse phone number lookup (i.e. find information about a phone number).
    • Google does have great business phone number search. For example: walmart greenbelt md phone number
  • Public Data: See trends data for population and unemployment of U.S. states and counties.
  • Sports Scores: Search sports teams scores and schedules by typing the team or league name.
  • Stock Quotes: Enter the ticker symbol for a company or fund to view current market data. 
  • Sunrise/Sunset: Show the times of sunrises and sunsets for many worldwide cities.
  • Time: View the time in many worldwide cities.
  • Translate: Need to translate a word or phrase quickly?
  • Unit Conversion: Convert between different units of measurements, such as weight, height, volume and others.
  • Weather:To view weather for most cities worldwide, type "weather" followed by the name of the city (or zip code).
  • Zip Codes: Enter a five-digit zip code for any U.S. area.

More Search by Numbers

Specialty Searches
  • Earthquakes: Displays recent earthquake activity worldwide.
  • Poison Control: Shows the American Association of Poison Control Centers phone number.
  • Suicide Prevention: Shows the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number.

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