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Google Tips and Tricks

  • Use Google's Advanced Search feature.
  • Search locally by appending the postcode to the end of query. For example: cuban food 94133
  • Find the local time for anywhere in the world.  For example: time or time new york
  • Use a statistics-based queries. For example:
  • Find out what others people are searching for, check out Google's Zeitgeist site.
  • Search for keyword trends, check out Google's Trends site
    • This site allows you compare the performance of two or more keywords, enter them into the search box separated by commas (for example California, New York).
  • Find a flight from between two places. For example:fly Los Angeles, CA to San Francisco, CA
  • Use Google's Safe Search feature to prevent displaying explicit sexual content.
  • Browse the universe with Google Sky.
  • View Google in a foriegn language. 
    • Google in Leet
      • Leet replaces most English characters with symbols and numerals (such word LEET can be spelled as 1337). This language was used by hackers distinguish themselves from the noobs. (More information)
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