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Firefox ABOUT Pages

  • This article covers a semi-advanced topic, and is not recommended for those that don't understand technical information about applications, network and system information.
  • Use these features at your own risk, some of them are for debugging web page or the browser and can intentionally cause the tab or browser to crash.

Want to enable experimental features in Mozilla's Firefox browser, get diagnostic data, or see hidden information and features. Then you want to check out the Firefox's ABOUT pages, to access them in the address bar type "about:about" to see a list of available pages.
  • about: - Displays basic information about Firefox
  • about:about -  Lists the available “about” pages
  • about:addons - Displays information about installed add-ons, extensions, plugins, and themes
  • about:buildconfig - List the Firefox source and build information.
  • about:cache - Displays information about memory, disk and offline caches
  • about:config - Allows the enable or modification of application features.
  • about:crashes - Lists crash reports on your local system.
  • about:credits - Displays a list of contributors who helped create the Firefox browser.
  • about:home - Displays a built-in home page
  • about:license - List information about different licenses used by Firefox for different parts of its source code.
  • about:logo - Shows the Firefox logo.
  • about:memory - Shows the memory allocation for different firefox processes.
  • about:mozilla - Displays a passage from The Book of Mozilla
  • about:permissions - View or change web site permission (e.g. store password, set cookies, etc.) for different sites
  • about:plugins - List technical information about each plug-in installed in browser.
  • about:privatebrowsing - If you create a link to this page when clicked it the browser enter into its private browsing mode
  • about:rights - Displays a page titled: "About Your Rights" (includes links to licence, privacy policy and service terms)
  • about:robots - Displays a page titled: "Welcome Humans!" (displays bulleted items about robots)
  • about:sessionrestore - Displays a session restore tab
  • about:support - This page contains technical information that might be useful when you're trying to solve a problem
  • about:sync-log - Displays the synchronization logs.
  • about:sync-tabs - Displays the synchronization tabs from other computers.