Windows MediaPlayer

Key StrokesDescription
Alt + Enter Display video in full-screen mode.
Alt + S Search Media Library.
Ctrl + 1 Switch to Full mode from Skin mode.
Ctrl + 2 Switch to Skin mode from Full mode.
Ctrl + B Play previous item.
Ctrl + E Eject CD or DVD (does not work if computer has multiple CD-ROM or DVD drives attached).
Ctrl + F Play next item.
Ctrl + M Display menu bar during full-screen playback.
Ctrl + P Play or pause a file.
Ctrl + S Stop playback.
Ctrl + Shift + B Rewind (only for DVDs).
Ctrl + Shift + F Fast-forward (only for DVDs).
Ctrl + U Open a URL or file.
F10 Increase volume.
F8 Mute.
F9 Decrease volume.

More Keyboard Shortcuts